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In which Harry Styles violently turns on an entire fandom by coming onto his cross dressing band mate….

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Album Art

Live While We’re Young vs. Take You Down

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ArtistMarcus Coronel
TitleLive While We're Young vs. Take You Down

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dybs asked: are Jack or Finn seeing anyone?

finn im not sure, jack used to date a youtuber called ella grace, but i think they broke up.


goldencondom-deactivated2013122 asked: answer this with 10 facts about yourself then send it to 10 of your favourite followers!

1) im irish
2)my favorite color is green
3)my friends call me the slut of the group
4)i eat everything but dont gain a pound
5)im lazy
6)im a highschooler
7)i stay at home all the time
8)i care more about my tumblr than i do my own health
9)im very self-conscious
10)a life goal is to become famous
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i had a dream that phil was my brother and dan was my boyfriend, and we had been dating for a year and then dan left me for phil, my own brother!!!!!! dan and phil got married, i wasnt invited ti the wedding.